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In Thru the Ohio Wilderness

In Thru the Ohio Wilderness is a story about life and death. An important decision is made, and is flawlessly executed a year later. The family becomes separated, which brings about heartbreak, grief, anger, and some unwanted dysfunction. He chooses the path of protecting his family and Christian family values. It’s an emotional bender, mystery, and a story of hope all in one.

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Where Art the Highland and Morenci Children?

The Skelton boys are missing. Like Hurricane Carter, Nelson Mandela, and others before and since, John Skelton sits in jail. Before one can understand why and what has become of his boys, one must know what has happened to the Highland children. Fair warning, this non-fiction will pull any parent’s emotions. This story is meant to draw attention to these missing children from Morenci, shed light on two men and the position in which they found their children to be, provide insight into how two family men fought, and find a remedy to the horrific agenda behind the throne.

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The Lansing Tower

The Lansing Tower is a true story at the turn of the millennium in Michigan that begins with a sudden visit to China. A dozen years after initially meeting, two entrepreneurs lives unexpectedly cross again and become entangled by chance, hardship and tragedy. What starts out as an innocent idea of going to Hong Kong and mainland China in search of antiques takes a sudden turn in the wrong direction for Paul and his new bride with a 9/11 lockdown. Meanwhile, a tremendous fire, caused by a car parked inside instead of outside, destroys Bondo’s building and leaves his business on its back, left for dead in ashes. Immigration, probate, civil, and criminal issues begin to surface from unexpected directions. A couple of local lawyers smell blood money, and then some big city law firms get involved. These unexpected individuals, along with a few family members and some locals from years passed, all arrive with their own agendas. Some are needed, some not so much. With all this unwanted convergence, an illness arrives also. Suddenly, raising their daughters and their businesses becomes quite complicated. Tears, tenacity, and heroic strategy carry the day in Michigan and are felt all the way back to China. A battle of wills like no other, it’s a story that needs to be told.

Product Categories: Books.