How did you get started in this line of work?

It was early 2001 and I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. I could go to college or get a job, but what did I want to do? I was only 20, and I had some decisions to make. In high school I wrote a business plan for a coffee shop, which is what I wanted to do at the time. My boyfriend (now husband) told me one day that if I liked writing so much I should just do that. He said it quite casually, but it got me thinking. Could I make a living writing? And from there I started my freelance writing career and never looked back. 

What do you write?

I write health-related articles for publications (online and in print). You can see my past work at Authory. I also write content for businesses — emails, press releases, white papers, sales pages, product descriptions, and advertisements. 

What do you write about?

I am passionate about health, and write about anything health-related. That includes mental health, dental, vision, physical health, fitness, martial arts, nutrition, and healthcare. Since 2020, I’ve also been writing about COVID-19. 

What does it mean to be a freelance writer?

Being a freelance writer means I’m self-employed. I’m my own boss, and I take on clients from various companies and publishers. I make my own schedule and work from home.

How many years of experience do you have?

I currently have about 17 years of experience as a writer. I started a bit earlier than that, but I count from when I started making money writing. I started out writing part-time and moved to full-time pretty quickly.

What do you charge?

What I charge depends on the type of work needed and everything involved in providing an excellent final piece. I’m not cheap. My clients value quality over quantity. I research high-quality sources and cite everything in my work. I also conduct interviews when time allows. 

How many hours do you work in a week?

I’ve dabbled in tracking my hours in the past, and I’m definitely planning on doing so again. It’s important to see how much time is spent on different projects and tasks so I can better manage my time. I estimate my current work week hours to be about 20-25. I’ll come back after tracking my hours for a while to see if I’m right!

What’s the proudest moment you’ve had as a writer?

I’ve had a few proud moments as a writer.

One was the first time I got paid for my work. Getting that first check in the mail was such a thrill.

Another time I had the opportunity to interview Jackson Galaxy for an article for WagBrag.

Recently, it was when my daughter and husband came across an article I wrote. They were resetting an HP laptop, and needed instructions to do so. So, they did what everybody does when they need information – they Googled it. They found an article that just so happened to be written by yours truly! It was an incredible experience to be told that they found an article I had written AND that they had found it to be super helpful.

I know there will be more to come! I’ll add them here as they do.

If you have a question you think should be added here just let me know.